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National Criminal Searches – is a powerful, high-speed multi jurisdictional search comprised of information provided from various state and county reporting agencies including the Department of Corrections and the Department of Public Safety. Completed reports consist of all available and legally reportable information, typically including date of arrest, date of filing, charges, level of the charges, disposition date and final disposition of the charges and any applicable sentence or penalty.

County Criminal Searches – consists of an on-site manual search of any US County and some Canadian Provinces and includes the superior, upper, lower, and/or municipal court records, in compliance with each county court jurisdiction. This check remains the most accurate source of reporting criminal records. Response time will vary depending on the location requested.

Social Security Searches – is a powerful investigative tool that provides essential information including the full name, age/DOB, past and present addresses, and phone numbers for the person being screened. Additionally, the SSN trace will provide any alias names associated with the SSN. Any effective, reliable and FCRA-compliant criminal background check begins with an SSN trace.

Multi-State Sex and Violent Offender Searches – contains currently registered sex and violent offenders with felony convictions records. The data is compiled from sex and violent offender registries in all 50 states, District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico.

Motor Vehicle Reports/Driving History – provide a wealth of personal data. This is an important search for applicants who are required to operate their vehicle for business purposes and/or driving a company vehicle. Records are available for all 50 States and can include speeding tickets or other moving violations, chargeable accidents, DUI’s, suspension or revocations, accumulation of points, etc. Motor vehicle reports are restricted by law and may only be used for screening job applicants. Customers are required to submit an authorized signature from each applicant, for each request.

Credit Reports – offer insight into the applicant’s reliability and a sense of their personal responsibility. The report includes credit information, bankruptcies, liens and judgments as well as previous addresses. This report is provided in strict compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. A signed consent form must be obtained from each applicant prior to the search being conducted.

Employment/Education Verification Searches – verifies the information provided in the applicants resume. Our research analysts will contact the applicant’s previous employers and verify dates of employment, position, salary, and reason for leaving. If possible, our researchers will interview the applicant’s supervisor and obtain information about the applicant’s skills and attendance. The researches will confirm the applicant’s education and provide dates attended, diplomas, degrees and awards obtained.

Workers Compensation Searches – checks each state in which the applicant resided to locate any claim history. A workers compensation search will help identify previous conditions or injuries the applicant may have had. This report is provided in strict compliance with the Americans For Disability Act. A signed authorization form must be obtained by the applicant prior to the search being conducted.

National Registry/Eviction Searches – provides online access to the most comprehensive national landlord/tenant database. Utilizing a sophisticated name and address match logic and delivers a comprehensive, easy-to-read report summarizing past court actions, prior landlord inquires, eviction records and landlord-reported history.

About Us

Today’s litigious society almost requires that organizations screen their people, in order to provide them some protection from negligent lawsuits and ensure their compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).


TEBS is a full service investigative firm specializing in employment screening and insurance defense investigation.  TEBS has utilized the education, experience and knowledge of its investigative team to develop a strategic approach to claims investigation.  This approach provides clients with maximum results at minimal cost.


In 2008 IC/ TEBS launched an automated on-line background verification system.  Using our investigative experience we developed a database, which provides the most accurate and up to date records available.


Our system is fully compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting act and can be accessed 24/7.  It allows you to order, view and manage all reports with instant access to public records, both nationally and internationally.


Again, thank you for your consideration, and for your interest in Trinity Employment Background Services.  We’re ready to move forward with your program—I’ll be in touch soon, to finalize the details.  Should you have any questions, I’d welcome your call!


Warmest regards,

Ron Wylie


Trinity Employment Background Services,

Background Screening Services:

Price does not include state fees or third party fees! 


Offender Profile Plus:                          

This package consists of the National Criminal Database, the Social Security database, the Alias name search and a Federal Criminal Search.
Offender Profile Summary Package          

This package consists of the National Criminal Database and the Social Security search.  This database comprises almost 300 million records, from states and counties that provide statewide criminal information for felony and misdemeanor conviction records.  The Trace identifies residential movement, other names used, and prior employment.  We also have a SSN database that verifies the State of issuance and Year of issuance.  This database will also indicate the use of a retired, faulty, or un-issued social security number.

County Criminal History Records (Felony/Misdemeanor)***      
TEBS provides criminal research in every state and county throughout the United States.  It is advantageous to conduct a county criminal search to receive the most accurate information.  Statewide records are available in some states.  All reports are in adherence with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  Law Enforcement Agencies (i.e. police, FBI, CIA, State Trooper, etc.) are the ONLY agencies able to conduct nationwide criminal searches.

Oklahoma State Search (OSBI) 

This is a statewide criminal records check, which is obtained from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI).  This search includes the “states stamps”.  These stamps are required to keep several types of agencies, such as health providers and daycares, compliant with state law.


Federal Criminal Database       
This database lists only Federal offenses, such as financial malfeasance, distributing drugs within 100 feet of a school, kidnapping, bank robbery, etc.

National Criminal Database***  
This database comprises almost 300 million records, from states and counties that provide statewide criminal information for Felony and Misdemeanor conviction records.  The FCRA requires that each “hit” must be verified through the court of record, to determine that the person being checked is actually the person who was convicted.  In addition, it includes the 50-State Sex Offender Registries (with photographs) and Department of Corrections.

Social Security Number Trace/Verification (Personal Identifier)***
The Trace identifies residential movement, other names used, and prior employment.  We also have a SSN database that verifies the State of issuance and Year of issuance.  This database will also indicate the use of a retired, faulty, or un-issued social security number.

Employment Verification          
IC’s trained professionals perform confidential, in-depth, and detailed verifications. Points of verification from data submitted by the applicant include dates of employment, work history, position, salary, and reason for leaving. Information is obtained in adherence with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. 

Credit Check                

Credit report from one of the national credit bureau includes public records, collection accounts, current or previous delinquent accounts and total indebtness.  For employment purposes only and requires a signed release from the applicant.


Civil Search     
This search is available in every state and county.  The civil records search will check an individual for any civil cases in a given county or state where available.  The search includes both defendant and plaintiff indexes, and will reflect filings such as bankruptcies, tax liens, suits, or judgments. 

Motor Vehicle Report***            

MVR’S are available from all states and the District of Columbia.  Records reflect 3 to 7 years of driving history, including personal data, restrictions, type of license, and offenses.  In many states, drug and alcohol offenses are retained as a permanent part of the individual’s driving record.


Workers Compensation            

Workers’ Compensation claim records are available at the state level from 44 states.  Records include a full claim, case numbers, dates, injury date(s), disposition of claim, and the employer of record at the time of the incident.

Adverse/Pre-Adverse Letters    
Prepare and send all Pre-Adverse and Adverse Letters on your behalf, in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Education Verification

An education review verifies academic history, including dates of attendance, main course of study, degree(s) obtained, and GPA (if available), all according to the policies of the institution.  Over 15,000 schools offer records of advanced education and training. 

Professional License & Certification Verification
Professional license and good standing reports are available at the state level from every state, the District of Columbia, and U.S. possessions.  The applicant supplies the license number — the state verifies the type of license, the issue date, expiration date, and the current standing.

Fraud and Abuse Control (Healthcare Organizations)   
This service, drawing information from more than 800 sources, identifies medical personnel whose past behavior would cause your organization to be excluded from participation in Federal healthcare programs and their reimbursement; it also identifies excluded providers (individuals and entities) that were indirectly involved in patient care and thus subject to Civil Monetary Penalties (CMPs).  In addition, it identifies providers (again, individuals and entities) who have been reported by state agencies as the subject(s) of adverse actions.  By helping to identify sanctioned individuals and entities in the healthcare field, this service substantially reduces your organization’s risk of government sanctions and/or civil monetary penalties from civil suits.  (NOTE: CMPs can be as much as $10,000 for each item or service!)

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